Monday, August 30, 2010

Tree Services: Why use an Austin Tree Service for your residential or business property?

Tree Services: Why use an Austin Tree Service for your residential or business property?

Trees on your property increase your home's or businesses’ value and are beneficial for the environment. Trees need ongoing care to maintain their health. A healthy tree adds value and beauty to the property it resides on. Tree maintenance can help prevent future illness or problems associated with your trees. When trees become too old or start to grow too big for the area they are located an Austin Tree Service professional from Advantage Tree Service can help you determine the correct course of action. We offer a wide range of tree services, Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Oak Wilt Treatment, Tree Planting and Stump Removal are a few of the services your Austin Tree Service provides.

Homes and Businesses benefit from having trees on the property. Healthy Trees can provide shade, reduce energy costs, add beauty and occasionally a tree house. When trees are not healthy or if they are overgrown they can become a problem. They can pose a risk of injury to family, friends, neighbors or clients. Trees that are not healthy or that have dead branches need to be looked at by your Austin Tree Service professional at Advantage Tree Service. 512-422-8535.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tree Planting Program in Austin, Texas

Urban Forest Grant Program

The City of Austin’s Urban Forest Grant Program, established to promote conservation and other projects that benefit Austin’s urban forest, has $350,000 in funding available now to help preserve and grow Austin’s canopy of trees. Projects associated with tree planting and preservation, education, public service announcements, disease control and management of invasive species are eligible for funding .

The grant program is designed with a diverse range of categories to encourage creative and innovative proposals that benefit Austin’s urban forest. Proposals could include replanting or preservation of public and neighborhood trees lost or damaged in storms or by disease, the creation of public service announcements promoting tree conservation and preservation, or inventive education/training programs that introduce tree preservation and care to diverse audiences.

“The Urban Forest Grant Program is intended to inspire and support public projects that can foster a better understanding of this region’s vital and beloved resource,” said Michael Embesi, City of Austin Arborist.

The City’s Urban Forest Management Program, part of the Watershed Protection and Development Review Department, works to preserve and replenish Austin trees as the city continues to grow. A fund created to mitigate the impact of tree removals supports the grant program . T he program aims to achieve a balance between re-forestation and preservation. Generally, diversified species and a mix of young to mature trees have the best long-term benefit for the community.

Public, non-profit or private entities such as, businesses, governmental agencies, academic and private institutions, homeowners or neighborhood associations, youth groups, civic groups and non-profit organizations may apply for funding . The Austin Community Foundation manages the grant program’s funds for the City of Austin.  (as stated on Austin City Connection - The Official Web site of the City of Austin)

Advantage Tree Service adheres to all of the City of Austin's best practices. As an ISA Certified Arborist we stay current on all of the most recent advances in Tree Care in the Austin, TX. area. Please contact us today!